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Apex Fastener Tools

Apex Fastener Tools, formally Cooper Tools, has been the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of top-quality fastener tooling products for decades.

Apex® fastener tools are designed to respond to the ever-changing demands of fastener applications. These demands vary by industry, but can be particularly exacting in the automotive and aviation industries.

Apex offers one of the broadest selection of fastener tools in the world. The Apex line of fastener tools includes screwdriver bits, sockets, bit holders, bit drivers, universal wrenches, extensions and adapters. The Apex brand is synonymous with high-quality, consistency and durability. When you factor in new product innovations, its easy to see why Apex is the ideal brand of fastening tools for your assembly & maintenance operations.

Apex Screwdriver Bits
Apex Fastener Tools has been the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high-quality Screwdriver Bits for decades.
Apex Bit Holders
Apex Bit Holders for use with a variety of tools used throughout the aviation industry and automotive repair sector.
Apex Hand Drivers
Hand Drivers including awls, drivers with self-contained insert bits, replaceable bit drivers.
Apex Square Drive Adapters
Apex square drive adapters.
Apex Extensions
Apex square drive extensions.
Apex Nutsetters
Apex nutsetters, extensions, universal wrenches.
Apex Sockets
Apex industrial grade impact sockets are available in a wide range of lengths and wall thickness, and with single or double hex opening.
Apex Special Sockets, Adapters, Accessories
Apex special sockets, adapters, accessories.
Apex Universal Wrenches
Apex square drive universal wrenches.
Apex Bit Packs
Omega Technologies offers Apex® insert screwdriver bits in a variety of packs for part numbers: 440-2x and 446-2x (500pc, 250pc, 100pc).