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Cleco Fasteners / Skin Pins

Cleco Fasteners, or 'Skin Pins' as they are sometimes called, have played an important role in automotive, racing and aircraft sheet metal repair for decades. Hand operated cleco fasteners, used throughout the aviation industry, consist of spring or plier operated, bar nut and wing nut styles. Power operated clecos include hex nut, cylindrical body or round body types. Most cleco clamps are available in various lengths and strengths to accommodate various manufacturing processes.

While standard clecos are effective for most space requirements, miniature clecos are specially designed to operate in more confined areas. Clecos with extended grip ranges are also available when working with different wider ranges of specifications. Heavy-duty clecos are made specifically for applications requiring extended grip diameter.

Plier Operated Clecos
The plier-operated (K) series sheet holder clamp is the standard temporary fastener solution. These spring-loaded and steel bodied fasteners are dedicated to light clamping forces. (No more than 25lbs.)
Wing Nut Clecos
The Wing Nut (KW) series is a hand operated clamp with a wide range of grip force. It is best suited for low-production settings where additional tools (pliers, wrenches, ratchets, etc.) are not required.
Cylindrical Body Clecos
The power-operated (CB) series is designed to eliminate tedious fastener/tool orientation problems that can result in reduced installation and removal time. The double lead thread design further enhances overall installation and removal efficiency.
Hex-Nut Clecos
The Hex-Nut (KH) series is operated with a pneumatic power tool and best suited to high-production settings requiring fast, consistent, uniform clamping force. Its 'free-wheeling' design allows it to back completely off while still remaining intact.
Cleco Side-Grip Clamps
The plier-operated KSG series is designed to clamp material together where no holes are available. Ideal for bonding, gluing and sealant operations, these clamps work well with all types of material.
Cleco Fastener Kits
Cleco fastener kits and cleco bundles. We offer quantity discounts on our most popular K-series cleco fasteners.
Cleco Super Side Grip Clamps
The Super Side Grip with a closed force of 55 pounds and a max force over 100 pounds, provides 70% more clamping power than conventional side grip clamps.
Cleco Spring Tension Clamps
Spring tension clamps can be applied in a fraction of the time required for ordinary screw clamps and assure uniform pressure by eliminating the hand-tightening operation.
Cleco Pliers
Cleco pliers are specially designed for installing spring-loaded temporary fasteners. Cleco Hand Tools are designed to install and remove Wing-Nut, Hex-Nut, and Cylindrical Body Cleco Fasteners.