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Grip Scales

Hi-Lok® Grip Scales serve two purposes. The thicker side of the Grip Scales measure the grip-length of Hi-Lok® and Hi-Lite® pins, Shear Lockbolts, structural screws, and bolts. The thinner side measures the thickness of materials to be fastened.

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CATGS1 Standard Grip Scale
CATGS1 Standard Grip Scale
Price (ex. VAT): £5.95
CATGS1 Standard Grip Scale
Standard Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite® Grip Scale. Red and Black, replaces Hi-Shear® 2-612. Made of full-hard stainless steel. Markings are electro-etched for durability.
OM2-615 Grip Scale Slide
OM2-615 Grip Scale Slide
Price (ex. VAT): £2.46
OM2-615 Grip Scale Slide
Slide fits most standard Grip Gages. Replaces Hi-Shear® 1-615. Compatible with Hi-Shear® and other 3/4'' wide scales, this tight fitting slide can assist in reading hole depths (sheet thicknesses).
OM2-651 Grip Scale with Slide
OM2-651 Grip Scale with Slide
Price (ex. VAT): £12.97
OM2-651 Grip Scale with Slide
Assembled Scale and slide replace Hi-Shear® 2-651. The combination slide and grip scale may be purchased as an assembly. Slide can be removed if necessary and re-installed.