Apex 1/4” Power Drive Nutsetters, SAE, Bolt Clearance

6 point 1/4” hex power drive nutsetters, SAE, bolt clearance from Apex Fastener Tools, formally Cooper Tools. bolt clearance nutsetters allow the bolt or stud to recess into the nutsetter body as the Nut is driven down. bolt clearance nutsetters are prefixed with the numbers 6B-. Magnetic nutsetters hold the fastener in driving position, even when working straight down. Time-wasting motions are eliminated when starting fasteners or working in hard-to-reach areas. These nutsetters are identified with a M prefix.

Apex nutsetters have hex tolerances that are on average 48% tighter than DIN and 35% tighter than ANSI requirements. With Apex you are assured of an exact, sure fit. All Apex nutsetters have the tightest tolerances for straightness and concentricity in the industry. Apex male hex drive nutsetters allow nutrunning in all types of applications. Quality design and construction give Apex nutsetters a long service life and durability.