Apex 3/4” Square Drive Sockets, SAE, Thin Wall, Extra Long Length

3/4” square drive sockets, SAE, thin wall, 6 point and 12 point, extra long length from Apex Fastener Tools formally Cooper Tools. Apex industrial grade extra long length impact sockets are available in a wide range of hex opening sizes and with single or double hex openings. Apex double hex impact sockets are identified with a -D suffix. Thin wall sockets accommodate countersunk or limited clearance nut or bolt locations. Many of these sockets have a shouldered body design that can fit in tight quarters.

High strength fasteners in demanding situations, like those found in the automotive and aviation industries, often require the use of an impact wrench or impact driver to deliver the amount of torque required to tighten or loosen them. Apex impact sockets are specifically designed and manufactured for high impact use, and made from a tougher and more ductile alloy steel which is then heat treated for extra durability.

Apex impact sockets are heavy duty sockets for use with air or electric power impact tools. Apex impact sockets are designed to stand up to the extreme stress of these tools and can be used in combination with special impact accessories such as extensions, universal joints, and adapters. Standard sockets are not equipped to handle the high torque of an impact wrench due in part to the materials used to make them. Standard sockets are usually made from chrome, which is a fairly soft metal alloy and can split and shatter when exposed to excessive vibration. Apex impact sockets are designed to handle the torque and flexibility of these conditions without the product failing or shattering.