Cleco Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

Cleco Impact Wrenches feature a comfortable grip handle, rotor bearings and steel motor end plates fit either end of motor, reducing spare parts inventory and repair time, a forged hammer and anvil for greater durability, a simple face-type reversing valve simplifies maintenance. Cleco Impact Wrenches are available with outside and inside triggers and is available in pistol grip models. Multiposition dead handle, and spade type D handles are also available. The throttle on a Cleco Impact Wrenches can be feathered for speed control.

Cleco Impact Wrenches are built to deliver outstanding performance in any job. With several product lines and a range of different potential configurations, its easy to find the right tool for the task. All our products feature an industry-leading combination of performance, ergonomics and durability everything you need to boost production and keep your team working more efficiently all day long.

Cleco Impact Wrenches are designed with the operator in mind. They are small, lightweight and comfortable to use, and don’t sacrifice durability. They incorporate elastomer coatings, and perfectly balanced moving parts to keep vibration to a minimum. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows the operator to focus doing the best job possible, in the least amount of time. Cleco Impact Wrenches meet the demanding requirements of industries including shipbuilding, pipe fabricating, transportation equipment manufacturing, and welding applications. Since these types of applications typically require a high material removal rate, Cleco Impact Wrenches incorporate high horsepower/high RPM motors.