Cleco Pneumatic Reaction Bar & Swingbar Nutrunners

Cleco Pneumatic Reaction Bar & Swingbar Nutrunners are designed with the operator in mind. They are small, lightweight and comfortable to use, and don’t sacrifice durability. They incorporate elastomer coatings, and perfectly balanced moving parts to keep vibration to a minimum. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows the operator to focus doing the best job possible, in the least amount of time. Cleco Pneumatic Reaction Bar & Swingbar Nutrunners meet the demanding requirements of industries including shipbuilding, pipe fabricating, transportation equipment manufacturing, and welding applications. Since these types of applications typically require a high material removal rate, Cleco Nutrunners incorporate high horsepower/high RPM motors.

Cleco Pneumatic Reaction Bar & Swingbar Nutrunners combine the durability and performance of our angled tools with a smaller and less maintenance-intensive design. They are suitable for high torque applications. A built-in reaction bar swings a full 360 to allow for easy repositioning to an appropriate brace point. Torque output is easily adjustable using the Selectork feature, adding to the tools versatility.

For high torque applications where a small tool is necessary, for consistency in clamp load across joint types or for simply eliminating the maintenance needs of an angle tool, the Cleco 64 Series provides the best solution for todays heavy assembly environment. A swingbar tool includes a reaction bar that freely swings 360. This allows the reaction bar to be moved to an appropriate bracing point without any disassembly or repositioning of a spline. Once positioned, the reaction bar absorbs the reaction forces of the tool.

Output torque from a stall tool is achieved by adjusting the air pressure to the tool. If the tool is moved from location to location or if other tools requiring full line pressure use the same air line, the tool will require a dedicated air pressure regulator. The Cleco Selectork feature in the 64 Series tools is a small pressure regulator that takes the place of the standard air inlet bushing and eliminates the need to have a separate pressure regulator installed in the plant floor system. Because of the small size of the Selectork there is a limited pressure adjustment range of from 60 to 90 psi. To order this option on the Cleco 64TTS Swingbar tools replace the S in the model number with a K ( a 64TTK.).

The goal of any fastening application is to maintain a high degree of accuracy while minimizing the length of time required to perform the rundown. Cleco Pneumatic Reaction Bar & Swingbar Nutrunners utilize a single powerful motor that limits speed shifts and offers a fast and accurate rundown regardless of joint type. Competitive units with high RPMs quickly drop their speed at threshold resulting in an overall longer rundown period. This gap is multiplied when prevailing torque is present. To read the graphs below, the orange line represents the tool speed while the blue line represents the torque generated throughout a rundown. Notice the correlation between speed and torque and its overall effect on rundown time.