Cleco Fastener / Skin Pin Pliers & Hand Tools

Cleco pliers are specially designed for installing spring-loaded temporary fasteners. A specially designed ”body seat” holds the fastener in place while the plunger is depressed. These nickel-plated or black-oxide coated pliers are constructed of forged steel, thus resisting wear, abuse, and corrosion.

Cleco Hand Tools are designed to install and remove Wing-Nut, Hex-Nut, and Cylindrical Body Cleco Fasteners. The HBHT Hex-Body Cleco Hand Tool is a versatile tool that both installs and removes all Wing-Nut and Hex-Nut Cleco Fasteners without the need for power tools, pliers and wrenches. The CBHT-01 Max is an improved hand tool for installing and removing Cylindrical Body Cleco Fasteners, and works on all brands while achieving the same clamping loads as power tools. Made in the USA, these tools are fast and easy to use, light weight, durable, reduce fatigue and are highly visible.