3/8” x 100 Degree HSS

3/8” x 100° HSS Piloted Aircraft Microstop Countersink Cutters. 3/8” body diameter, high speed steel, 100°, 1/4-28 thread are used to make precision countersinks to accept flush-head Fasteners and are used throughout the aviation industry.

Omega Technologies cutters are precision ground to exact tolerances to insure concentricity. Cutters may be used in any micro-stop ”cage” that accepts 1/4 – 28 threaded shank cutters. Select the pilot diameter that matches the pre-drilled hole, and the body diameter according to the diameter of the fastener head. The head diameter of the flush fasteners must not exceed 1/2” to insure proper seating of the screw.

Metric piloted aircraft microstop countersink cutters and other sizes not listed here, can be quoted on request.