Dotco Right Angle Pneumatic Drills

Dotco Right Angle Drills are designed with the operator in mind. They are small, lightweight and comfortable to use, and don’t sacrifice durability. They incorporate elastomer coatings, and perfectly balanced moving parts to keep vibration to a minimum. This optimal combination of tool characteristics allows the operator to focus doing the best job possible, in the least amount of time. DDotco Right Angle Drills meet the demanding requirements of industries including shipbuilding, pipe fabricating, transportation equipment manufacturing, and welding applications. Since these types of applications typically require a high material removal rate, Dotco Drills incorporate high horsepower/high RPM motors.

Dotco Right Angle Drills include a wide variety of options, so you can find just the right tool for your needs. Dotco Right Angle Drills are manufactured using only the best materials, and each is backed with decades of experience and a legacy of satisfied operators. The comfortable and ergonomic handles that make Dotco Right Angle Drills a pleasure to use, even in demanding, high-volume work.

The 15L Dotco Right Angle Drills series offers a wide range of angle head options and the 15LQ takes these and makes Dotco Right Angle Drills quick change for enhanced versatility. You need tools that can handle hard work, and that’s why Dotco Right Angle Drills are designed with highly interchangeable parts. There are fewer parts to repair, meaning you don’t have to carry as much inventory and you’ll save time and money. Dotco Right Angle Drills are built to last, which means you can depend on them to get the job done.