Savi-Socket Hi-Lok Removers

Savi® Socket is the newest revolution for removing Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, Eddie-Bolt®, and HUCK Threaded Collar Systems. Savi® Sockets are the first Sockets to utilize a Conical/Tapered shape with Helical Teeth to remove Collars or Bolts. This design firmly draws the Socket onto the Collar, gripping and removing it with minimal effort and wear on the tool, without jamming the Collar into the Socket.

The Socket cannot be used to install or tighten Collars after the Hex is broken off. Experienced users are capable of removing Collars 5-8 times faster than traditional systems. Manufactured in the USA of high-strength tool steel, the socket is then heat-treated for optimum durability, and finished with a highly visible corrosion-resistant coating. It is suited for use on aluminum, steel, titanium, and all coated Collars. As an anti-FOD measure, it incorporates a Set Screw for positive retention.