Roller Ratchets With Replaceable Bits and Bit Holders

Roller Ratchets® were developed by Omega Technologies in response to the need for very small ratchet wrenches that could be used in extremely tight areas where handle ‘swing’ was limited by obstructions, and the need to have a ratchet that would engage with very little handle movement. The Roller Ratchet® satisfies both of these requirements, and this modular tool is now widely used in the aerospace community worldwide.

Omega Technologies has been at the forefront of continued research and development to improve the variety of tools available. With particular emphasis on strength, durability, and quality, we maintain the functionality and cost-effectiveness of the entire line of tools.

The Roller Ratchet® functions as a hand ratchet, yet its size greatly increases its versatility by allowing it to be used in tighter areas. These Roller Ratchets® from Omega Technologies feature a variety of reversible bit and bit holder spindles which allow for both removal and installation. The incorporation of a special ‘toothless’ clutch eliminates all lost motion, allowing even the slightest movement to engage the tool.