Two-Lug Double Wing Miniature Nut Plate Jigs (DWM)

Designed by Omega Technologies to facilitate accurate rivet hole drilling for standard Plate Nuts (also commonly known as Anchor Nuts, or Nut Plates), hand-held Nut Plate Jigs are manufactured to precise tolerances and include drill bushings to reduce wear and assure consistent hole-spacing. Redesigned pins and pilots make the tool much easier to use.

Each tool features an ergonomically designed handle with a flexible stainless steel spring blade, allowing for clearance while the jig is in use. Its convenient size allows it to fit most tool-box cut-outs. A spring-steel band between the handle and the head allow for finger clearance or positioning of the tool in cramped quarters. Note: the terms Anchor-Nut, Plate-Nut, or Nut-Plate are frequently used interchangeably. They all refer to a group of fasteners consisting of a Threaded Nut Element which may be affixed (anchored to) another structure.

Please see this article for further discussion and images of typical anchor nuts.