Omega Torque Wrenches

This unique torque wrench is great for hard to reach fasteners. The Roller Ratchet® incorporates a toothless clutch that engages with virtually zero-backlash. Thus the head is effective where very limited handle movement is possible. Wrenches are small & light-weight and are available with 1/4” square drives for 10 to 150 in-lbs applications, or with 3/8” square drive for applications between 15 and 300 in-lbs torque. The square drive is equipped with a thru-hole to accommodate Hex Keys. Various aircraft fastening systems require a hex-key to hold the ‘Fastener Pin’ while the nut is tightened with the wrench.

These wrenches have been designed to withstand the abuse of modern high production lines and at the same time deliver hundreds of thousands of accurate cycles, each one the same as the one before. These wrenches are made from high alloy steel and scientifically heat treated to deliver the results that are demanded of them. Absolute quality control is exercised during the manufacturing process, assembly process and final test and calibration operations.