Sturtevant Richmont Interchangeable Heads for Hand Torque Wrenches

Sturtevant Richmont Interchangeable Heads for Hand Torque Wrenches. Virtually all interchangeable heads from Sturtevant Richmont are made as a single piece from alloy steel. This construction method provides strength and durability rarely attained by the more common cut and weld method. In addition, to achieve constant torque values when changing heads, exact lever length must be maintained. Sturtevant Richmont interchangeable torque wrench heads share a precise distance from the end of the wrench to center of the fastener. This is referred to as a Common Centerline and is very difficult to maintain when using the welded construction method.

The unique Dovetail design used to join head and wrench provides exceptionally strong connection and allows complete interchange-ability. Competing manufacturers find it necessary to increase the size of the mating connection at higher torque values, creating duplication of wrenches and heads while losing interchangeability.