Sturtevant Richmont Flat Beam M Series Torque Wrenches

Flat Beams Are Superior! The four most important requirements of a torque wrench, accuracy, reliability, durability, and low ownership cost, are combined into these exceptional tools. Accuracy is literally ground into the wrench. The special alloy steel beam is ground to a rate of deflection with the use of dead weights, rather than a dimensional tolerance. This process is time consuming and very labor intensive, but the result is a tool that remains accurate as long as the beam in intact and the pointer is on zero under no-load condition.

The flat shape of the beam insures the wrench remains at a right angle to the fastener, reducing or eliminating side-loading error. This unique taper-grinding distributes stress evenly along the entire length of the beam, extending tool life indefinitely. With a minimum of moving parts, these tools are virtually repair and maintenance free.