Sturtevant Richmont Preset Fixed Square Drive LTCS Series Hand Torque Wrenches

LTCS Series Features:

  • Designed specifically for use on production lines where many fasteners are to be tightened to the same torque.
  • For handle extension, order extension adapter P/N 853538 and custom length extension. Details on website.
  • Light weight new comfort grip provides superior ergonomics, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Accuracy of +/- 4% meets or exceeds ASME B107.14M and ISO 6789, offering consistent assembly quality.
  • Wrench can be calibrated using any unit of torque measure.
  • Ball bearing rockover assembly assures smooth operation, enhances repeatability, increases cycle life of wrench, and helps control ownership costs.
  • Excellent audible and tactile impulse when preset torque is achieved.
  • Can be ordered preset from the factory or torque tester can be used to set torque value.
  • Adjustments to torque settings can only be made with a combination adjusting and release.