Utica Torque Wrenches, Interchangeable Heads, Adapters, Bit Holders And Sockets

Utica Torque Wrenches and Utica Torque Wrench Interchangeable Heads. Utica ”click” style Torque Wrenches are built to exacting standards to maintain maximum accuracy.

Only top grade materials are used in Utica click style Torque Wrenches. Working parts are heat-treated to increase durability and service life. Utica Torque Wrenches are tested with equipment traceable to NIST standards.

Utica’s audible ”click” plus a few degrees of travel provides a simple, quick indication that the operator has achieved the predetermined torque setting. All Utica Torque Wrenches incorporate a patented, low friction Torque control mechanism that produces highly accurate readings in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Plus, a patented, spring-loaded locking Collar locks the scale on the desired Torque setting. This prevents the operator from accidentally using the Wrench in the unlocked position.